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Our expertise

We create video content - social media films, advertisements, and corporate films. Our specialism is architecture photography and videography. We handle pre-production, production and post-production, and help you every step of the way. We think big even on small budgets, and enjoy working with niche or emerging brands and agencies, as well as leading global firms. We are a small team that works hard to deliver branded content for our clients.

The team

Patrick Frost

Patrick Frost, Bournemouth
Photographer, Videographer, Creative Director

Patrick has worked with major clients as a photographer and filmmaker over the past 10 years. His work has been featured in magazines, exhibitions, and on television. He has filmed, photographed, and carried out aerial work throughout Europe for companies such as BlackRock and AXA Investment Managers.


Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott, Cardiff
Editor, Colourist

Jeremy has banked thousand of hours of experience as an editor and colourist - previously as BBC staff, and now as a freelancer and for BlackStar Pictures. He has worked on a hugely diverse range of programming, from Doctor Who to BBC Young Musician, via sport, promos, consumer and observational documentaries along the way.


Tom Law
Tom Law, Exeter
Videographer, Producer

Tom has over 20 years of experience working on a broad spectrum of television and video production projects. He started his career as a runner at Channel 4, and there he went on to become an award-winning producer. He then moved to Sydney where he worked in senior production roles on TV series including acclaimed documentaries and prime-time network shows. He now produces content for independent commercial agencies, production companies and has worked in theatre.



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